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Flag of Japan

Table of contents

Fast facts about Japan

Capital of Japan
Population of Japan 128 million
Language in Japan
Currency of Japan Japanese Yen (¥)
Electricity in Japan
100 volts AC, 60Hz in the west (Osaka) 100 volts AC, 50Hz in eastern Japan and Tokyo
Country Code of Japan +81
Time Zone of Japan GMT + 9
National Holiday in Japan
February 11th and December 23rd
There are over 5.5 million vending machines in Japan's streets selling anything from fishing bait to erotica. This equates to four machines to every 100 people
In Japan 72% of toilets in Japanese households that are hi-tech and most with electric controls to heat the seat and water
95% is the proportion of revenue the world's largest toilet manufacturer TOTO takes from the Japanese market.
392 degrees farenheit is the temperature money can be heated to in Japanese ATM machines to cleanse and de-wrinkle dirty yen banknotes making them 90% bacteria free.
The top speed of a Japanese bullet train is 300 kmh (186mph)
3 minutes and 45 seconds is the time required for the train to go from top speed to a complete halt.

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