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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Winter resorts


Bosnia and Herzegovina Ski Resorts


Located near Sarajevo, Bjelasnica was one of the sights used for the men’s alpine ski races during the 1984 Winter Olympics that took place in the country. This is the best place to go for skiing in the Balkans.

Unfortunately, during the Balkan War the entire area was devastated during the conflict and today traces of the war still remains with devastated facilities along the resort. Today, the resort is safe and is highly recommended if you choice to come to the country to go skiing or snowboarding. For more information go to or


Jahorina is located just 20km from Sarajevo and it was the other ski resort used during the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. Today, Jahorina is one of the biggest ski / snowboard centers in the area and it’s popular with all levels of skiers and snowboarders. For more information go to 


Located near the Adriatic Sea, Vlasic isn’t as popular as Jahorina or Bjelasnica, but at over 1940 meters above sea level it’s a fantastic hill for all levels of ski / snowboarders. With the local nightlife this has become a popular place for the younger crowd in region. Also, the night skiing has become a huge success as well. For more information go to

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