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Winter resorts

BovecKranjska GoraKrvavec (Bohinj)
Tržič Vogel (Bohinj)

Slovenian Ski Resorts


Located in the Soda Valley, near the Italian border, this is the only resort that extends above 2000m. During World War II, most of the town was destroyed, but since then it’s been restored and it’s a resort that you should definitely check out. For more information go to

Kranjska Gora

Located close to Austria and Italy in the North West corner of Slovenia, Kranjska Gora sits in the Julian Alps. This is a place you can ski during the day and go out clubbing along the beachside at night. For more information go to or


Krvavec (Bohinj)

Located near Ljubljana is Kravavec, which has been awarded the title of best organised ski centre in Slovenia. The hill has an elevation of over 1450m and it’s a popular resort with all levels of skiers and snowboarders. For more information go to



Located in northern Slovenia near the Austrian border, Trzic is one of the smallest of all the resorts in Slovenia, but it stands at over 1000m above sea level. With only one hotel on the hill and two chair lifts, it’s a hill used mainly by local residents. For more information on this small resort go to


Vogel (Bohinj)

Vogel’s highest peak is over 1800km above sea level and its considered to be Slovenia’s most challenging ski hill and definitely for the more advanced skier or snowboarder. For more information go to



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